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Jogg Jeans - newly presented in the Women's denim fall winter 13 campaign

The women's denim fall winter 2013 campaign was an advertising campaign for the main collection of denim jeans for women by Diesel for fall and winter 2013/2014.


The collection is divided into five groups:

FW13-black-female-mutation logo FW13-color-female-mutation logo
FW13-black-female-mutation photo FW13-color-female-mutation photo
Indigo is now mutating again and evolving into darker shades. From the lighter grays to the darkest laser skinned wash innovation and evolution has been once again reached in our secret laboratory! [1] Color Mutation is all about denim changing its skin: classic indigo is evolving into treated colors. Whether it's a laser print, or a fade color treatment, or a new technique of coating, a triple foaming or a new generation of fabrics all our best expertise has been used to evolve this denim. [1]

FW13-indigo-title FW13-jj-logo
FW13-indigo-photo FW13-jj-female-img


FW13-skinzee 1all


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