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Title page of the men's denim spring summer 2015 campaign

The men's denim spring summer 2015 campaign was an advertising campaign on the official Diesel website for the main collection of men's denim jeans for spring and summer 2015.


The SS15MAIN COLLECTION is an assortment of challenging newness and perfected every-day wears. Its not just about growing bigger, but standing taller.[1]

The collection is divided into four groups:[1]

  • Atelier Collection: From the most skilled craftsmen at the Diesel laboratory emerges a denim that pushes the boundaries of tailored artistry.
  • DNA Brave Frontier: The DNA collection features new washes every season for the bravest innovations Diesel can create.
  • JoggJeans: The new hybrid denim
  • Blue Eyecons: Classic, special, unique: this is a men’s collection for the ages.

Atelier Collection

Each limited edition pair is distressed, treated and customized in ways never seen before. For denim connoisseurs, this is the pinnacle of denim.[2]

DNA Brave Frontier

Brave frontier embodies diesel's heritage: 35 years of passion and innovation in denim experiments, washing technologies, abrasions, hand stitched tailoring and dirty treatments. All woven together with italian creative craftsmanship.[3]

Jogg Jeans

Jogg Jeans are a cutting edge hybrid that offer the stretch of jersey and the look of denim. Wear Jogg Jeans. Do More Things.[4]

Blue Eyecons

Eternal, enduring, and utterly free of the shackles of time. Blue Eyecons undergo three days of handcrafting and are accented with artisanal details to produce iconic indigo washes. They are the ultimate in collectible fashion.[5]



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