Twice a year, Diesel launch a general advertising campaign for their spring/sommer and fall/winter collections, respectively. These campaigns may be preceded by a preview campaign. Somtimes, there are also separate denim advertising campaigns especially for Diesel's denim jeans.

On the Diesel website, there are are also special advertising campaigns for apparel, denim jeans, the Black Gold collection and others.

Chronological overview

year spring/sommer fall/winter
2007 SS07-diesel-global-warming-ready-mount-rushmore-1827 Global Warming Ready? FW07-Diesel-fashion-teleportation-268358-adeevee Human After All
2008 SS08-Diesel-museum Live Fast FW08-campaign-7294-f1357-feature Dark Ads
2009 SS09-cats leather jacket 46x30 Another World FW09-campaign-Denim Male DP FW09 campaign
2010 SS10-ADV-be-stupid-doublepage-image-3 Be Stupid FW10-DPS ThinkLess RubberBall1 Be Stupid
2011 SS11-DieselIsland Diesel Island FW11-53674-800w Diesel Island
2012 SS12-campaign-hammer Portraits for successful living FW12-portraits-6 Portraits for successful living
2013 SS13-HM diesel 002-PLBZ SS13 campaign FW13-Dieselreboot-Title #dieselreboot
2014 SS14-Dieselreboot-11 #dieselreboot FW14-Diesel-Fall-Winter-2014-Nick-Knight-02 Neo-neoclassical
2015 SS15-Dieselhigh-Blue-denim #dieselhigh FW15 military-cover Military
2016 SS16-joe-jonas SS16 campaign FW16 campaign
2017 SS17 campaign FW17 campaign

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