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Title image with #dieselhigh hashtag

Dieselhigh was an advertising campaign on the internet and social media for clothing and accessories for men and women by Diesel in spring and summer 2015. It is also known as #dieselhigh campaign because it uses this hashtag.


Contrary to most fashion campaigns in which the models almost never are smiling, Diesel's spring summer 2015 campaign shows models having fun ina an infectious happiness. The imagery is set to evoke happiness and positivity in a world which is over shadowed by negative reports in the news and the papers.

Creative Director Nicola Formichetti said about the campaign:

“There are so many crazy things happening now that you don’t see people just having fun any more. The challenge was to work with an avant-garde photographer, Nick Knight, and get him to do something he’s rarely done – which is shoot people smiling. It feels spontaneous, like they are selfies and he’s just the one snapping the photo.”
"Just a simple gesture - laughing or smiling - can be powerful."


Photographer Nick Knight
Creative Director Nicola Formichetti
Fashion Editor/Stylist Anna Trevelyan
Hair Stylist Tomo Jidai
Makeup Artist Laura Dominique
Set Designer Andrew Tomlinson
Manicurist Jenny Longworth
Producer Nick Ponton for Shades of Grey
  • Diego Barrueco
  • Chanetelle Brown-Young as Winnie Harlow
  • Charlotte Free
  • Sabrina Ioffreda
  • Bruce Machado
  • Kiko Mizuhara
  • Nathan Mitchell
  • Gryphon O'Shea
  • Suren Seneviratne

and others


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