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SS13-HM diesel 002-PLBZ

Screenshot from the Diesel summer 2013 campaign

The Diesel spring summer 2013 campaign was an advertising campaign for clothing and accessories for men and women by Diesel in spring and summer 2013.


Pull up a chair as we introduce you to our modern family for SS13. How do you live?


Photographer Sharif Hamza
Fashion Editor/Stylist Alastair McKimm
Hair Stylist Rudi Lewis
Makeup Artist Yadim
Set Designer Jill Nicholls
Web Design Hello Monday
  • Christian Brylle
  • Cora Emmanuel
  • Ian Mellencamp
  • JiHye Park
  • Maria Bradley
  • Ty Ogunkoya
  • Vika Falileeva


The Diesel summer 2013 campaign was presented with the following awards:

  • March 4, 2013: FWA Site of the day[1] and FWA Mobile of the day[2]
    The Diesel S/S '13 campaign website brings the ecommerce experience up to par with the brand experience. The site combines a strict layout with warm colours in a current lookbook that feels like spring and summer.
  • April 1, 2013: Cutting Edge Award by Adobe for the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web. [3]
    Such a smooth and slick website that works perfectly across all devices. The subtle, yet beautiful, rollover effects make this an absolute delight to explore. The transitions between each section give this an additional feel of quality... great job! (Rob Ford, FWA Founder)




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  3. Diesel Spring Summer 13 - THE CUTTING EDGE PROJECT OF THE WEEK April 01 2013 at

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