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SS11-p home men

Dirty New Age for men

SS11-p home ladies

Powder by Diesel for women

The denim spring summer 2011 campaign was an advertising campaign for denim jeans for men and women by Diesel in spring and summer 2011.



Dirty jobs

SS11-m-00CHRL008PR zoom

Texas Olsson in a Diesel jeans getting dirty with paint

In parallel to their Diesel Island spring summer 2011 campaign, Diesel issued a special campaign for their denim jeans.

The slogans of the campaign were "Dirty New Age" for men and "Powder by Diesel" for women.

The "Dirty New Age" campaign presented men in "dirty jobs" in which they (and their jeans) got covered with grease, mud, dust, flour, paint, or sweat.


Photographers Txema Yeste
Cristian Di Stefano
Fashion Editor/Stylist Francesco Sourigues
Makeup Artist Victor Alvarez
  • David Hundertmark
  • Texas Olsson
  • Jivago Santini
  • unidentified female models


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