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Image with models and the slogan from the denim spring summer 2010 campaign

The denim spring summer 2010 campaign was an advertising campaign for denim jeans for men and women by Diesel in spring and summer 2010.


In parallel to their Be Stupid spring summer 2010 campaign, Diesel issued a special campaign for their denim jeans.

The main slogan of the campagin was:

* unfortunately we sell jeans.

In spite of this appearent contradiction, Diesel themselves uses the "sex sells" method[1] which is frequently used in advertising. Shirtless male and female models or models with open shirts or short tops present the current collection of jeans.


Photographer Miko Lim
  • Dan Cameron
  • Martin Cannavo
  • Tobias Sorensen
  • Sam Way

unidentified female models



  1. Sex sells at Wikipedia

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