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Title image of Diesel's Denim fall winter 2011 campaign

The denim fall winter 2011 campaign was an advertising campaign for denim jeans for men and women by Diesel in fall and winter 2011/2012.


In parallel to their Diesel Island fall winter 2011 campaign, Diesel issued a special campaign for their denim jeans.

The slogan of the campaign was "The land of perfect denim", resembling the slogan "Land of the stupid, home of the brave" from the Diesel Island main campaign. Also the images resembled those of the Diesel Island main campaign, but were focussed on denim jeans.

The campaign was divided into four parts:

  • Male campaign
  • Female campaign
  • Male denim guide
  • Female denim guide



The Diesel Denim fall winter 2011 campaign was presented with the FWA Site of the day awards on October 17, 2011.[1]

Diesel's fall/winter 2011 denim line, an experience built with HTML5/JS that takes advantage of the newest capabilities of modern browsers on the desktop and devices.


Male campaign

FW11-lookbook-m-01FW11-lookbook-m-02 THE LAND OF PERFECT DENIM

When the pioneers first arrived on Diesel Island they set about writing a new constitution, and choosing their perfect denim. This is their story. It’s a story of ambition, heartache, love, determination, courage and new treatments.

FW11-lookbook-m-03FW11-lookbook-m-04 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-06FW11-lookbook-m-07 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-09FW11-lookbook-m-10 Constitutional rule number 1
Everything that exists was once imagined (Thavar 882R)

Early arrivals rushed to claim their plot of land. Then they sat down in their perfectly cut Thavar 882R jeans and imagined the layout of their new homes, one stick at a time.

FW11-lookbook-m-12FW11-lookbook-m-14 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-15FW11-lookbook-m-16 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-18FW11-lookbook-m-19 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-21FW11-lookbook-m-22 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-24FW11-lookbook-m-25 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-26FW11-lookbook-m-27 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-29FW11-lookbook-m-30 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-32FW11-lookbook-m-33 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-m-35FW11-lookbook-m-36 Constitutional rule number 13
the missing rule


Male denim guide

FW11-Safado-1 FW11-Safado-1-lg Safado

You like low waist, but without a leg that's going to cut off your circulation? These jeans are for you. They're comfy enough to enable you to slop through small gaps unimpeded.

FW11-larkee-1 FW11-larkee-1-lg Larkee

With its comfortable thigh, straight leg and characteristic back pocket, this breed of denim can blend in to any landscape. But note its showy back pocket construction, which enables it to attract potential mates. This breed is comfortable, sporty and classic at the same time.

FW11-timmen-1 FW11-timmen-1-lg Timmen

Easily recognizable in the wild due to its unique front stitching construction and comfortable thigh dimensions. An example of the survival of the fittest. Or maybe just the best fit.

FW11-mennit-1 FW11-mennit-1-lg Mennit

Over the years the front and back pockets of this breed have evolved to perfectly suit their environment, reinforced with stiteches and rivets. Once captured, it will love its new owners' thighs.

FW11-viker-1 FW11-viker-1-lg Viker

A deceptively traditional style that's the same width from thight to bottom, providing a look that's casual yet elegant. Only many years of evolution can make this possible; hence, some denim experts believe this model was worn by Darwin.

FW11-viker-r-box-1 FW11-viker-r-box-1-lg Viker R-Box

An aggressive, unpredictable breed, to be approached with caution. Note it's yourthful appearance and double front belt buttons, which add an reckless note to its straight, traditional fit. Fire with both barrels if you spot this model charging towards you.

FW11-larkee-relaxed-1 FW11-larkee-relaxed-1-lg Larkee relaxed

Specially designed for hightly evolved wearers with muscular legs. Note the uniquely Diesel back pocked design and construction. Be prepared for a fast chase when hunting down this variety.

FW11-koolter-1 FW11-koolter-1-lg Koolter

Identifying features: These jeans are tapered - not to be confused with the tapir, a large browsing mammal. Otherwise, they have a regular slim fit and a leg that can be worn with smart oxfort shoes.

FW11-poiak-1 FW11-poiak-1-lg Poiak

Identifying features: The zippered three-dimensional back pockets are so practical you can almost keep a tent in them. Certainly, they allow you to keep your tools safe without stretching the rest of the jean.

FW11-darron-1 FW11-darron-1-lg Darron

Identifying features: A highly distinctive breed rarely seen in captivity. Note speacial construction details such as the tuxedo striping, bottom leg darts, and fifth pocket stripe. The bottom leg is tapered for extra stylishness. Much prized by collectors.

FW11-larkee-t-1 FW11-larkee-t-1-lg Larkee-T

Identifying features: A comfortable thigh with a tapered bottom leg which works with both Oxfords or low trainers. Often found in trendy terrain.

FW11-tepphar-1 FW11-tepphar-1-lg Tepphar

This skinny leg carrot is enhanced by a unique back patch construction. The low crotch and short front fly are perfectly on trend, while the skinny calf makes this breed's legs look slimmer and longer. Easy to spon and cool to wear.

FW11-krooley-1 FW11-krooley-1-lg Krooley

Identifying features: Carrots are not often captured in the wild, so be sure to rope and tame this creature when you see it. The unique carrot shape, low crotch, personalized back pocket design and host of iconic Diesel details will send true denim hunters into a frenzy of lust.

FW11-braddom-1 FW11-braddom-1-lg Braddom

Identifying features: Another classy carrot leg style, with characteristic back pocket construction. Keen denim spotters may recognize the DNA of the Paddom, an iconic Diesel style of the past. This evolved version is practical yet totally modern.

FW11-kakee-1 FW11-kakee-1-lg Kakee

Identifying features: This elegant hybrid combines chino style front pockets with a carrot leg. It can be trained to go perfectly with shirts and jackets for a surprisingly formal and suave style. One for the kings of the urban jungle.

FW11-rombee-1 FW11-rombee-1-lg Rombee

Identifying features: You won't be able to miss the carrot leg with its special ergonomic cut, creating a remarkable "curved effect". Note also the ankle-length crop and extremely comfortable shape.

FW11-narrot-1 FW11-narrot-1-lg Narrot

Identifying features: The Narrot is an extremely sophisticated creature with unique markings such as the front crotch stitching and the hook on the belt. For lovers of fashion and denim who appreciate tru pedigree.

FW11-shioner-1 FW11-shioner-1-lg Shioner

Darts (fortunately not of the poisonous variety) are built in to the design, along with a skinny leg and aggressive posture, which shows of the musculature of your lower portions. Wear it as your second skin.

FW11-thanaz-1 FW11-thanaz-1-lg Thanaz

Known as the "rock star", this pant is so rugged that you can literally drag it over rocks. It has a skinny leg, a distinctive round back pocket shape and triple stitching that recalls the work of traditional tailors.

FW11-zatiny-1 FW11-zatiny-1-lg Zatiny

The wide leg enables you to take off your jeans without removing your sneakers. Although why anyone would want to do that is beyond us. Adaptable design that looks great with boots.

FW11-zathan-1 FW11-zathan-1-lg Zathan

Roomy back pockets, perfect for compasses, and a wide bottom leg opening make this a practical, adaptable design that looks great with boots

Female campaign

FW11-lookbook-w-01FW11-lookbook-w-02 THE LAND OF PERFECT DENIM

When the pioneers first arrived on Diesel Island they set about writing a new constitution, and choosing their perfect denim. This is their story. It’s a story of ambition, heartache, love, determination, courage and new treatments.

FW11-lookbook-w-03FW11-lookbook-w-04 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-06FW11-lookbook-w-07 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-09FW11-lookbook-w-10 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-11FW11-lookbook-w-12 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-14FW11-lookbook-w-15 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-17FW11-lookbook-w-19 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-20FW11-lookbook-w-21 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-22FW11-lookbook-w-23 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-25FW11-lookbook-w-26 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-28FW11-lookbook-w-29 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-31FW11-lookbook-w-32 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-33FW11-lookbook-w-34 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-35FW11-lookbook-w-36 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-38FW11-lookbook-w-39 Constitutional rule number


FW11-lookbook-w-41FW11-lookbook-w-42 Constitutional rule number


Female denim guide

FW11-livier-1 FW11-livier-1-lg Livier

This is a clean yet distinctive traditional jegging with stitched front pockets and super-slim fit. The breed is notable for its combination of very long and slim legs and advanced comfort. It's super soft, while the stitched front pockets reduce hip volume.

FW11-roloise-1 FW11-roloise-1-lg Roloise

Don't be fooled by the regular (medium high) waste and traditional back pockets - the very tight leg gives this new breed a distinctive poise. The long and slim cut lifts your body and emphasized the length of the leg - especially if you're wearing high heels. Goes with everything.

FW11-jegonfire-1 FW11-jegonfire-1-lg Jegonfire

The jegging has evolved into the Jegonfire! Its super stretch fabric means it can be worn all day or night. The eye-catching biker inspiration form is a traditional jegging fit with knee stitching details, recognizable patch pockets and smart fake front pockets to avoid additional volume on the hip. Small pushed -up back pockets.

FW11-strechic-1 FW11-strechic-1-lg Strechic

Even from a distance you'll admire this unusual shape: a super slim fit with a low crotch for a trendy boyfriend look with super skinny legs. Innovative and feminine.

FW11-lowky-1 FW11-lowky-1-lg Lowky

This highly covetable breed is notable for its rich, innovative yoke construction and regular fit leg, as well as the distinctive zigzig stitches on the waistband. These maintain the orighinal hip shape. The special curved yoke and small, square back pockets give a perfect shape to the back. With a comfortable leg, this is for people who love traditional jeans.

FW11-lowette-1 FW11-lowette-1-lg Lowette

This breed may have a regular slim fit leg and a traditional feminine denim look, but it is easy to track you down thanks to its remarkable 360° yoke construction, combined with small pockets for a push up effect. Approachable without being tame.

FW11-lhela-1 FW11-lhela-1-lg Lhela

You'll be riveted by the rear end of this highly evolved species, with its special back pocket construction - which reduces volume - and distinctive rivet marking in varied shapes. Overall, it's a regular slim and comfortable fit for those who enjoy artistic touches.

FW11-ronhalle-1 FW11-ronhalle-1-lg Ronhalle

A new, traditional yet highly evolved breed of denim, with super feminine embellishments. Note the design details on front and back pockets. New regular slim fit, straight yoke construction, regular waist and shaped belt, detailed stitching. Combining feminity and comfort, it's a design that could only appeal to the female of the species.

FW11-xeroz-1 FW11-xeroz-1-lg Xeroz

There's no copying the Xeroz, with its unique waist - hight in the back, lower in the front - and subtly tapered leg? Suitable for curvy figures, it's both comfortable and flattering, with a special back pocket, waistband and yoke construction that is tight on the hips yet comfortable on the leg. A breed worth chasing.

FW11-livy-1 FW11-livy-1-lg Livy

The super-slim fitted leg, rounded back pocket and pleats on the yoke not only provide the perfect rear, but show off long and skinny legs. This breed can often be seen perched on bar stools in sophisticated surroundings.

FW11-lowasis-1 FW11-lowasis-1-lg Lowasis

The back knee pleats are among the distinctive elements of this fashionable creature, along with the super slim fit, low waist, tight hem and new micro pop-up fifth pocket. It's a more trendy legging with sophisticated back construction. The vertical stitching and revised back pockets emphasize and shape the leg, providing an elegantly elongated silhouette.

FW11-hi-vy-1 FW11-hi-vy-1-lg Hi-vy

There's no poison ivy on our island - but you may spot the Hi-Vy. Just watch out for its advanced lateral stitching and super-slim high waist. Until recently, the high waist was thought to be extinct, but it is now out of danger and thriving in trendy communities.

FW11-matic-1 FW11-matic-1-lg Matic

Easy to spot this iconic Diesel style with its curved yoke and small back pockets. One particular characteristic is the unique pop-up fifth pocket. The high belt construction fits snugly on the hips, while the position of the back pockets gives wearers a particularly attrative rear. Slim, gazelle-like legs.

FW11-matic-k2-1 FW11-matic-k2-1-lg Matic K-2

Unmistakeably Diesel, this sophisticated creature has a curved yoke and small back pockets, as well as a remarkable ankle-length cut that distinguishes it from the Matic. Other features include the pop-up fifth pocket, double layered hem and high belt constructon. This helps to contain the hips while the yoke and the back pockets shape the rear for a push up effect. Note the identifying slashed patch on the leg.

FW11-nevy-1 FW11-nevy-1-lg Nevy

You may be on an island, but don't confuse the Nevy with the navy. In fact, this low-waist slim fit creature looks more like a biker, with its slim crossover belt. Note also the bigger work wear back pockets provide a slimming effect at the rear. Once again, slim legs are ideal for running from - or towoards - predators.

FW11-cherick-1 FW11-cherick-1-lg Cherick

The low waist on this breed will make wearers and watchers growl with pleasure. Denim hunters will easily recognize the slim cross-over belt with double closure and the saucy V cut above the tail region. The shaped calf and slit on the hem add to the sexy biker vibe, while the small back pockets provide a push-up effect. Suitable for skinny body types.

FW11-hushy-1 FW11-hushy-1-lg Hushy

Ankle-lenght slim fit, recognizable patch pockets and advances stitching for a distinctive Diesel look. Often seen worn inside boots. Small back pockets shape the rear and provide a push-up effect, while advanced stitching on the hip makes slim legs look even slimmer.

FW11-clushy-1 FW11-clushy-1-lg Clushy

The special coin pocket is just one distinguishing feature of this intriguing creature. Others include the zipper back pockets, cinch back and sophisticated stitching. The lower back pockets draw attention to the zipped pockets while making the waist look exotically slender. The slim effect is enhanced by arrow stitches.

FW11-letzia-1 FW11-letzia-1-lg Letzia

This unusual breed can be spotted by a zip OR a slit on its tight, ankle-length hem. Note also the high waist, slim fit, advanced leg and hip stitching and the micro pop-up fifth pocket. Letzia combines fashion with comfort thanks to its super stretch fabric and high waist. The advanced stitching confers a slimmer shape to the legs.

FW11-culturebelt-1 FW11-culturebelt-1-lg Culturebelt

The new micro pop-up fifth pocket is a distinguishing feature of this highly feminine variety. Regular slim fit, tapered leg, double button opening, advanced belt construction with small and big loops: the pretty details just go on and on. It's the perfect jean for elongating the leg and flattering the natural curves of the body.

FW11-louvely-1 FW11-louvely-1-lg Louvely

It's hard to miss this unusual flare in the wild, especially thanks to its advanced front stitching, small back pockets and yoke that combines with a high wastband construction form a perfect rear view. A treat for skinny legs.

FW11-cherock-1 FW11-cherock-1-lg Cherock

This curvy specimen can be spotted thanks to its high waistband construction - perfectly shaping the hips - triple-button opeing and bootcut leg.

FW11-ronhoir-1 FW11-ronhoir-1-lg Ronhoir

A regular small bootcut with rich pocket stitching details, this charming breed combines comfort with femininity. See for instance how the front and back pocket construction, with its skilled use of rivets, compacts the rear.

FW11-chinelle-1 FW11-chinelle-1-lg Chinelle

A chino for "elle" - that's "her" to you and moi. Jeans for girls who love denim and don't want to give them up even when they're looking for a more sophisiticated and tailored pant. Low waist, regular slim fit and tapered look, with long back pleats that become a neat yoke construction. The waistband is wide and comfy at the back and thinner and chicer in the front, with a sexy V cut detail on the back waistband.

FW11-fayza-1 FW11-fayza-1-lg Fayza
FW11-stapphy-1 FW11-stapphy-1-lg Stapphy
FW11-tintsie-1 FW11-tintsie-1-lg Tintsie


  1. Diesel Denim F/W 2011 at

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