In addition to their general advertising campaigns, Diesel sometimes also launched a special campaign for their denim jeans.

Printed ads

year spring/sommer fall/winter
2007 SS07-Denim-Safado SS07 campaign FW07-DenimDating-0 Denim Dating
Because we care FW08 campaign
2009 SS09 campaign
FW09-48799 5 800
Weather Changes
SS10-DC-Larkee 8C0 downV
Sex Sells
FW10-denim-00CBMC008T5 gallery
FW10 campaign
2011 SS11-Diesel-Denim-Homotography-15 Dirty New Age
Powder by Diesel
Fw11-title The land of perfect denim

Diesel website

Demim advertising campaigns are also presented on Diesel's official website

year men women
2013 FW13-jj-male-img Men's fall winter campaign FW13-jj-female-img Women's fall winter campaign
2014 SS14-m-dna-mutation Men's spring summer campaign SS14-w-essential Women's spring summer campaign
Men's fall winter campaign
Women's fall winter campaign
Men's spring summer campaign
SS15-jogg-jeans-grupee ne-0664v
Women's spring summer campaign
PF15-essential-thavar-3 Men's fall winter preview PF15-atelier-eazee-3 Women's fall winter preview

D:Code Magazine

With the fall winter season 2015, Diesel stopped their advertising campaigns on a central website and integrated them into the D:Code Magazine at their online store sites.

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