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Title image of D:Code Magazine in fall/winter 2015

Diesel Magazine was an online magazine at the online store website by Diesel. It started in fall 2015 as "D:Code Magazine" and replaced Diesel's product specific advertisments at their then abandoned central website In 2016, it was renamed to "Diesel Magazine", in 2017, it was abandoned.


Diesel introduced the new magazine as follows:

This is for the smart rebels amongst us. Curated to convey our way of thinking and seeing the world we live in. It's about Style. Culture. And so much more. Updated weekly, these are our thoughts. Our sounds. And our friends – youthful, like-minded visionaries from the art, social, fashion and music scene. Get involved.


The contents of the magazine can be divided into three groups:

  • themes give an overview over a specific theme and link to corresponding product pages
  • stories contain a longer text about a specific topic and also link to corresponding product pages
  • shop links directly lead to corresponding product pages.

The magazine's contents are updated continuously so that there are no "issues" like in a printed magazine. For a better overview, however, the contents are grouped here on this site by month.

D:Code Magazine Issues

Diesel Magazine Issues

Diesel Magazine Stories

Diesel Magazine Themes

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